How is important

When I was walking through the forest this week and saw the fallen leaves on the ground, I dreamed of faraway and warmer places. I thought about all the things I might want to see and do in life, about how many people make long trips or do all kinds of things, such as bungee jumping or parachute jumping. Sometimes one activity is barely over and the next one is already being planned. Seems nice to me, but it could also be rather empty, always finding activities outside yourself. It can be joyful but also very lonely.

Suddenly I realised that it does not matter at all what you do in your life and what you see, how far you travel and if you have done all the popular things. It is about how you dealt with it, what did you do within. Where you nice to yourself? Have you shown as much respect as possible to your fellow human being and to nature? Have you listened to your inner voice that told you to do this or experience that? Have you integrated it? Have you loved yourself and others? And, have you had fun?

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